Truck Billboard Advertising Las Vegas – A Complete Guide

Truck Billboard Advertising Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the paradise of world-class casinos, stunning shows, conventions and exhibitions and a lot more that attract over 40 million visitors each year. Ranked as one of the top ten tourist spots in the United States, Las Vegas is every tourist’s dream destination.

There are many reasons why truck billboard advertising is a sure hit in Las Vegas. In this guide, we talk about all you need to know about using this form of outdoor advertising for your brand or business.

Truck Billboard Advertising in Las Vegas – What You Should Know?

Billboard advertising has the potential to add to the bright, late-night appeal of the city. Las Vegas is a city of luxury where residents and tourists indulge in premium products and services. More than 93 percent of residents in Las Vegas go to work every day which means there are chances of attracting attention to your brand message through truck billboards in this area.

With a population of more than 650,000 people and an average household income of $50,000, Las Vegas responds well to this form of advertisement to deliver the most effective results. It is also a performative city with some of the biggest shows occurring throughout the year. The spectator volume these shows and events attract matches the outdoor advertising medium.

Mobile billboards travel through the city to reach target audiences passing through business centers, shopping destinations, conventions, events, trade shows and other locations. Local and national businesses should grab this opportunity to capture attention through creative ads displayed on moving truck sides.

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Advertising Trucks Las Vegas

It is a proven fact that mobile digital LED billboards and advertising trucks are the most cost-effective method with a higher recall rate than any other form of outdoor advertising. Trucks containing digital ads on billboards work effectively in high-traffic areas, whether pedestrian or vehicle. These media can increase brand awareness and visibility and boost traffic and sales for small and medium-sized businesses and corporations.

Las Vegas has several options when it comes to choosing a truck billboards service for your business. These services use digital LED billboard trucks which guarantee impact for your trade show, corporate event, opening, product launch or service. State-of-the-art, eye-catching mobile digital LED billboards are available across the city. These advertising trucks can display real-time information, live streaming, live and recorded videos and more for effective advertisement for different businesses.

Las Vegas Digital Billboards

Digital billboards give you the flexibility that traditional marketing media don’t offer. You can update your promotional messages on an hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on the plan you choose. You also get the facility to display real-time information to your customers or audience. These billboards are GPS monitored so you always have access to your campaign performance.

Static billboards and digital ads are an excellent way to display rates, content, showtimes and other information in Las Vegas but digital billboards complement the aura of the city with a visual sensation. Mobile billboards, just like Las Vegas shows, bring to people the unexpected awareness they didn’t know about.

Rolling Billboards Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to a large number of service providers who turn their trucks into rolling billboards to help businesses display their ads to the moving public. Ads on the sides of vehicles can also be audited so that advertisers can calculate how many people viewed their ad during a specific period of time. This is something highly desirable as it is possible for other media like radio, TV and newspaper.

The cost of displaying life-size, high-quality, vibrant ads on the sides of fleets has dropped to a great extent in the last few years. It costs between $3000 and $5000 to design a truck-side ad and the rent of a rolling billboard can range from $2000-$4000 per month. This is a highly cost-effective method because it costs just 65 cents to reach 1000 people. This explains why advertisers are so much interested in billboard advertising.

Trucks are found everywhere across Las Vegas so it is a great way to get the brand name out there affordably and quickly. Trucks are continuously involved in deliveries across the nation. Putting a company’s name and image on the side of the moving vehicle gives it a widespread presence. Such an impression is likely to have a high recall rate and hence better effectiveness when it comes to spreading a brand message.

Mobile Billboard Advertising In Las Vegas – Is It Legal?

Las Vegas is a city of entertainment that allows different forms of appealing advertisement options to catch the attention of the crowds. It permits various digital formats of marketing for businesses and agencies looking to promote their events, products and services. When it comes to mobile billboard advertising, most formats are legal for use. No laws or ordinances prevent advertisers from spreading their brand message on moving vehicles.

However, recently, Clark County disclosed some proposals for the regulation of flashy mobile billboards along the Strip. Emerging from the concerns like distracting drivers and pedestrians, the new ordinance requires a mobile billboard to possess a license. Regulations also include inspection of the brightness of LED lights. Current laws require mobile billboard drivers to drive on the far right lane and follow the traffic flow.

Digital billboard advertising is a highly rewarding way for businesses and advertisers to spread their promotional message and improve visibility and awareness. Las Vegas offers plenty of opportunities to grab the attention of audiences to boost sales. Truck LED billboard advertising perfectly complements the colorful, bright vibes of Las Vegas.

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