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Advertise your cannabis business on LED trucks

Cannabis-related companies have been spending millions of dollars on online advertising which is not only ineffective but also banned in some states like California.


We respect the distance and line-of-sight restrictions (schools, K12, daycares ... ) by controlling exactly where and when we advertise at all times


Our legal team provides guidance on creative and advertising guidelines to ensure compliance nationwide.

Age Targeting

All our trucks are equipped with an Audience AnalyticsSoftware, so we make sure that the primary audience is 21 +

the new revolution in Cannabis advertising

LED Truck Media has an innovative solution to meet cannabis company marketing needs. By partnering with our mobile billboard agency, cannabis companies can place their ads on the sides of our trucks and reach major cities at a national level. This type of advertising provides a valuable way to reach target audiences while circumventing the restrictions placed on traditional media.

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We offer the largest fleet of digital billboard trucks in the U.S. covering major cities and beyond.

ledtruckmedia available nationwide

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