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Our Mobile LED Billboard Trucks Are Equipped With Audience Intelligence Tech Designed To Plan And Track Your Campaign Performance To Maximize Your Ad Spend Dollars.

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Make your advertising campaigns memorable and engaging

LED trucks (also known as digital billboard advertising trucks or Mobile Digital Billboard Truck) can go anywhere, with visuals and audio at the audience eye level, providing new channels not only for Out of Home Advertising but for Experiential Marketing campaigns as well. Our fleet is a huge hit with clients due to the LED truck versatility, mobility and cost-effectiveness especially when thinking of hyper-targeted campaigns.

Our mobile digital billboards have big, super-bright LED displays on 3 sides of the vehicle. The screens play on-demand content that can change at any time throughout a campaign, from static images to live streaming in seconds which makes perfect sense for nationwide brand activations, product launches, political campaigns, sports fan acquisition, cannabis marketing and app downloads to name a few

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hyper-target your audience with our data-driven technology

Enhance your campaign with real time population data. Drive with purpose and effectiveness. We can drive your ad right to your target audience any day, any time, any place.

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By using our real-time audience measurement technology capable of analyzing thousands of consumer profiles, our team will suggest the best routes to maximize your campaign results.

Track & Report

During your campaign, your dedicated team will send you updates, providing real-time pictures, and even suggesting changes to optimize your campaign.

After completing your campaign, you’ll receive your campaign report with GPS, campaign gallery, and on demand raw data from mobile devices that can be utilized for retargeting purposes on social media.

Analyze & Optimize

Don’t miss out on potential business and start combining targeted outdoor advertising with social media marketing to maximize your impact on your target audience.

Capture and engage your audience even more with interactive games, live streaming and create memorable experiences that make your brand unique.

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We offer the largest fleet of digital billboard trucks in the U.S. covering major cities and beyond.

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Though LED Truck Media has hosted numerous national campaigns, our trucks and technology are equally effective in targeted campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses that want to reach a specific demographic. No other advertising medium can reach a specific target the way we can. Restaurant chains can flood messaging within a certain radius of their locations; banks can deliver ads near their branches; luxury car dealerships can tap zip codes where home values and incomes are the highest; cannabis brands can be in compliance effectively; political candidates can hyper-target areas where they need the most votes; and many other ways...


In a survey of the top marketing minds in the country, three top strategies and tactics for marketers in 2020 and beyond emerged: Insight Driven Marketing; Relevant, Timely, Contextual Personalization; and Marketing To and Through the Customer. LED Truck Media touches all the bases within the outdoor advertising arena.

Insight Driven Marketing – LED Truck Media’s audience intelligence technology is designed to provide the best route and target data available to determine optimal locations and times for any campaign.

Relevant, Timely, Contextual Personalization – Marketing experts say we need to “understand the buyer and address their needs.” What better way to understand a target audience than to go where they are at the time they are the most receptive, leave them with a memorable message and re-target them with messaging tailored to their unique community.

Marketing to and through the customer – Advertising trucks are the catalyst to word-of-mouth marketing. Our mobile digital billboards stand out on crowded streets, around event venues or shopping areas as well as high-traffic areas around main markets and generate the kind of buzz that fuels word-of-mouth migration.


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LED Truck Media offers flexible solutions to advertise on our mobile LED advertising trucks anywhere and everywhere in the United States.

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