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Create memorable experiences for your audience and stand out from the crowd while engaging and collecting campaign data on our mobile LED billboard trucks.

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LED Truck Media's Mobile Digital Billboard Trucks can go virtually anywhere, with visuals and audio that get you noticed by your customers, providing new avenues for targeted out of home advertising and experiential marketing campaigns at a national level!


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Available Nationwide

We offer the largest fleet of digital billboard trucks in the U.S. covering major cities and beyond.

available nationwide

What we do

Digital Billboard Advertising

We are the largest fleet of mobile digital billboard trucks nationwide mixed with state of the art tech bringing versatility to campaigns while tracking impressions and providing retargeting options to our clients in 22 markets and counting.

Cannabis Marketing

Our versatility and technology allow cannabis brands to properly run out of home advertising campaigns within compliance giving the leverage they need to promote their business without the hassles.

Crypto & NFT Marketing

Take the center-stage and skyrocket your exposure by taking your crypto & NFT projects directly to your audience. Add

Political Advertising

Immerse your political campaign from the traditional outdoor advertising into targeted tailored OOH and bring your message where your target constituents are while captivating new voters when they are out and about.

led truck advertising

Hyper Target your campaigns with our data driven technology

Enhance your campaign with real time population data. Drive with purpose and effectiveness. We can drive your ad right to your target audience any day, any time, any place.

What our clients say

It was a pleasure working with LED Truck media in Houston. They were very professional. At the end of the campaign, they sent me a link to a gdrive folder with numerous photos of the truck on each day the campaign ran.

Zoe Kohl

What I Love About Your Business Is The Advertising Can Target The Audience By Parking In Front Of The Event And Potential Customer As Well As Reach The Masses. Especially Now That Versatility And Flexibility Is The Future.

Andrea Henley

The attention from Jon and the team has been nothing short of amazing. Our campaign reached the local market we were looking to reach and we are very pleased with the results. We are considering using them for a national campaign.

Linus Sandoval

Some of our work

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truck billboards
truck billboards
truck billboards
truck billboards
truck billboards
truck billboards
truck billboards
truck billboards
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