Pioneers of the industry.

Taking an opportunity to enter and grow in a new market has been the best risk i've ever taken

I saw an opportunity to innovate in an industry and stand out from the crowd. We strive to position ourselves as thought leaders in this space. We want to bring a different value to the table. We come from the branding and marketing world, not the billboard sales world. Our fresh perspectives and innovative way of looking at this market is changing the industry. We are doing things in Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) marketing that are groundbreaking. We bring a truly entrepreneurial mindset to this space.

Jonnathan Trilleras Owner & CEO

Out of Home Advertising Done Differently.

LED Truck Media, founded in 2004, is a pioneer in the world of Digital Out-of-Home advertising. Based in Miami, LED Truck Media has the largest network of mobile outdoor advertising trucks in the country.

Advertising in the US has come a long way since Benjamin Franklin (yeah, that Benjamin Franklin) added woodcut drawings to his simple ads in the Philadelphia Gazette to draw attention to the products he was selling.

Fast forward to today and companies are selling their products, campaigns, and their images, with the use of mobile billboards that can pop up in a specific neighborhood or community event, zeroing in on a target market with laser precision.

What is OOH?

Out-of-Home Advertising is outdoor advertising unleashed and untethered. Our truck-mounted, mobile digital billboards break through the clutter and deliver the following advantages to our advertisers


  • The flexibility of executing a campaign in real-time. We can activate a campaign in two hours.
  • We can hyper-target a campaign to zoom in on any demographic you choose.
  • We employ state-of-the-art technology, giving you optimal data on your target audience.
  • We document campaign effectiveness with verifiable Proof of Performance reporting.
  • We build experiences for your customers that linger long after the event.
  • Our cutting-edge innovations are revolutionizing the industry.
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    Unparalleled campaign execution.

    We provide campaign effectiveness reporting throughout the day with images and data and provide the flexibility for you to adjust content in real-time, reacting to customer responses. You get a dedicated point of contact for the entire campaign who is 100 percent available when you need them.

    OUR clients

    We work with big and small companies.