We are a Miami based Out Of Home advertising vendor that is passionate about revolutionizing the ways in which companies advertise their brand or product on Out Of Home. We are proud to be the providers of the largest network with over 40 LED billboard trucks nationwide.

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Our Services

LED Billboard Trucks

Outdoor advertising trucks can go virtually anywhere, not only with visuals but also with audio, providing new avenues for experiential marketing campaigns. Our fleet is a huge hit with clients for their versatility and cost-effectiveness. These mobile billboard trucks have big, super bright LED displays on 3 sides of the vehicle. They play on demand content that can change throughout the day. These out of home advertising trucks are perfect for product launches, grand openings, and a great way for brands to generate a ton of exposure at budget friendly prices.

Glass Box Trucks

LED Truck Media has access to glass box trucks that can be used showcase brands in memorable ways.
Our internal creative team can turn these glass trucks into experiential vehicles that can delivery your message while letting customers touch and feel your products. For instance, a pop up massage parlor, a clothing store, a theatrical stage or even a peaceful meditation room to give city dwellers a small retreat during their busy day.


Whether digital Prize Wheel or Slot Machine our trucks have a gaming capability that we continue to evolve everyday. They are perfect for entertaining consumers in ways never seen.

We can customize and create digital games based on your needs and target demographics.


Collect data : Capture names and email addresses of players (player send a SMS to activate the spin)

Drive traffic to your website or boost foot traffic with the incentive of winning a prize

Promote new products/services

Brand awareness

Strategy | Creative | Experiential Development

We are a full service creative and experiential agency that believes in developing ideas that people want to interact with. Our team has years of experience developing strategies and creative for Fortune 500 clients. Whether is designing Out Of Home campaigns or creating ideas for events, we are confident that we can showcase your brand in using our LED Trucks in ways you have never thought of.


We are proud to be the providers of the largest network with over 40 LED billboard trucks nationwide. By building and selling LED trucks since 2006, we can assure you that we are the only agency in the U.S. that can commit to any
campaign request while handling all logistical aspects in multiple cities at any time.

Brand Ambassadors Teams

When we are developing experiential campaigns for clients we are always thinking about who could be the right brand ambassadors. We believe the combination of our LED Trucks and ambassador teams can make a powerful formula to enhance our client campaigns. Both provided insight into how consumers interact with our clients brands, but most importantly can gather feedback while building trust and relationships with current and future new consumers.

Drone | Social & Live Event Streaming

What to stream a live XBox battle? Create a pop up movie night for consumers at the park? Maybe you want to stream the world cup in multiple cities to give your brand more reach? Whatever the purpose, our team of in house creatives can think up hundreds of different ideas on how live and drone streaming can be utilized in our client campaigns. Drone live streams basically give our clients the ability to see something that is happening right now far away, and the ability to fly the ground from a bird’s eye view. Add a social streaming to the mix and now you have a fully experiential campaign that can be on and offline.

Sound interesting? Then, let’s talk. We got you covered!.


Technology is evolving faster than ever. Virtual and augmented reality is been used in art, gaming and advertising. This powerful tool gives us the opportunity to enjoy gaming in ways never seen. It can also be seen in product demonstrations, training exercises. Imagine a pharmaceutical client that can showcase the benefits of they medicines by allowing consumers to take a look inside their bodies by just using Oculus glasses. Now, add our LED trucks and while a consumer uses the glasses other event attendees can enjoy the same experience. The limits are endless, now it’s time to see how we can incorporate this technology with your brand.

Analytics & User acquisition (App Downloads)

LED Truck media builds experiential campaigns that can go virtually anywhere. For instance we can take our trucks to colleges campuses and teach students about a new trending app. There using brand ambassadors to educate students on the benefits of a specific application, we can mirror everything that happens live on the app via our LED truck screens. The engagement allows us to generate hundreds of downloads for our clients while creating brand awareness and interest.

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