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Benefits of adding Mobile Digital Billboard into your Media Mix.

LED Truck Media’s outdoor advertising solution offers significant advantages to the traditional billboard, which is limited to a fixed location.


Hyper Targeting

With Mobile Digital Billboard you can hyper-target your audience, shifting locations and target audience as the campaign shifts to match demographic research.


Brand Communications

Digital Billboard Advertising gives you the most accurate reporting, capturing identification information, processing data with our audience intelligence software and delivering a visualization of key metrics, including Dwell Time, Demographics, Consumer Behaviors, and Common Day and Evening Locations. Your campaign will have up-to-the-minute data on your target audience.


Campaign Retargeting

And finally, you can stay engaged with your audience by retargeting impressions collected during your digital mobile billboard campaign with social media and mobile app ads. By being in the communities you want to reach, you gain the advantage of being local where and whenever you choose.

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The Power of Experiential Marketing For a Political campaign.

With LED Truck Media, your political campaign can venture into the world of experiential, or engagement marketing, where the consumer experience is participatory, up-close-and-personal. Imagine a campaign event where voters interact with the campaign with a blend of sound, visual and personal interactions.
Eco-Bike Advertising

For more intimate, in-the-neighborhood events, our Digital Mobile Billboard Eco-Bikes put your campaign message into a crowd like no other medium. The Digital Mobile Bikes are eco-friendly and allow for audience interaction on a personal level.

Organized Social Events

Imagine a campaign rally where the audience can see themselves from an aerial view in real-time. Add social streaming to the mix and you have a fully immersible experiential campaign event.

Glass Walled Truck

LED Truck Media’s Glass Walled Truck can be transformed into a mobile campaign office, complete with campaign-themed vinyl wrapping. You can bring your campaign office to the people.

Gamification of Your Campaign.
A key voting segment in 2020 is the 18-25 vote, which requires tailored campaigns to reach them.

Imagine a campaign event where younger voters interact with the campaign via text message, answering poll questions and stating their election year priorities. Those SMS communications serve a two-fold purpose: establishing a dynamic two-way communication and collecting valuable information from potential voters.

This data can shape campaign messaging and feed into retargeting efforts via SMS. This voting segment communicates much differently than previous generations. Using mobile truck advertising linked with social media communications is a winning combination. Most people today are linked to their mobile phones. As a result, sending text messages is the best way to reach them.

In a campaign, SMS broadcasts provide a direct medium for communication. They are also versatile. You can send out general update broadcasts or have personalized communications using peer-to-peer texting tools.

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