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LED Truck Media is a pioneer in the industry and has worked with some of the largest companies nationwide. We have the largest mobile truck network in the country and provide intelligent data gathering and reporting so you can better understand your demographics and reach.

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What is outdoor advertising?

Looking for hassle-free branding experiences at an unmatched price? LED Truck Media provides a range of media for the promotion of goods, products, and services or ideas to its clients. Our mission is to help your brand find a voice and help you tell a bigger and better story about what you have to offer. We ensure that we provide the best in terms of quality when it comes to outdoor advertising.

LED Truck Media has the most expertise in the industry and matching outdoor advertising services. We want to provide a voice to your brand and build a bridge between your brand and customer. We have got the creative eye and we do things in a unique way. Our master touch will help your brand become visible and be heard.

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While billboards, benches, and transits are effective for small businesses and startups, there is a new revolution in outdoor advertising and that is mobile billboards. Our advertisements are digital as opposed to a flat image on a static billboard, you no longer need to wait for potential customers to drive by to gain exposure as our mobile trucks drive around major cities. Our trucks cannot be missed and are head turners, making your digital billboard advertisement even more attractive and increasing your exposure to potential customers.

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outdoor advertising agency

A new revolution in advertising

People spend a lot of time out of their homes for various reasons. It can be anything from commuting to the office to driving kids to school, shopping to visiting friends and family. Outdoor advertising through our mobile billboards is an excellent way of targeting people who are on the go. It communicates exactly what your brand is about and gives them maximum exposure.

Let's face it, if you see one of our trucks out in the street you'll be looking! That's exactly the same effect we have on your potential customers.

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