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There has been a rapid increase in demand for OOH campaigns in recent years. Even as we move into the new decade, there is much demand and excitement around new methods of advertising. A combination of traditional benefits and technological advancements has turned real-world ads/out-of-home advertising a must for any advertiser or marketer with the use of digital billboard trucks.

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What is out of home advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is a form of digital advertising that can be found outside consumers’ homes. Traditionally, this covers everything from billboards to benches, bus shelters to everything else in between. If a consumer sees an ad outside their home and not on mobile, then they are mostly looking at out-of-home advertising of some kind.

LED Truck Media is a pioneer in a new wave of out of home advertising solutions that breaks away from traditional thinking. Using our mobile billboard truck network, the largest in the country, we provide digital out of home advertising that has a further reach than the traditional methods along with data gathering and analytics.

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Out-of-home can be a brilliant alternative to the immense competition that crept up in the world of online digital advertising. There are certain limitations in the world of digital advertisements due to the rise of ad blockers. Hence, it is not possible to achieve viewability as perfectly as imagined. Combine this with the sheer amount of information that consumers are faced with online. This makes it easier to understand why digital advertising is not always the best solution and it is essential to blend a healthy dose of out-of-home advertisements for marketing success.

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out of home advertising

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The reason why we prefer out-of-home advertising is because of the potential impact it can have on the consumers. People take notice of these ads as they cannot be ignored compared to mobile, radio, and TV ads which can be skipped. This means that advertisers can launch highly visual, impactful campaigns that attract the attention of consumers and allow brands to get their message to cut through.

Out-of-home advertising is an incredible and creative way of advertising. It is one of the best ways of testing some of your brand’s most creative ideas. Combining this with new interactivity and the rise of data has become the key component of out-of-home advertising campaigns.

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