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Orlando Mobile Billboards – How Much Is A Billboard In Orlando

Orlando is a city located near Orange County and a part of Central Florida. According to the population data, Orlando metropolitan area is the sixth-largest in Southern America and the third-largest in the state of Florida. It is a city known for its increasing potential for economic growth. It hosts a large number of businesses across sectors and is one of the most competitive areas in the United States.

If you are looking for an amazing way to advertise your business, you can’t go wrong with mobile billboards advertising. When your ad is displayed on the sides of trucks illuminated by bright LED lights, your brand message is sure to reach a large area and create impact. Let us try to understand what you should know about using Mobile Billboards in Orlando and how much you can expect to spend on this mode of advertising.

Orlando Mobile Billboards – A Complete Guide

Orlando is one of the most attractive business centers in Florida. It also has several tourist attractions including Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Walt Disney Resort. Such characteristics of Orlando make it a highly visited and busy city perfect for outdoor advertising. Businesses should consider the competitive market in Orlando and employ the most effective marketing plan to stand out from others.

This is where mobile billboards prove to be useful. In today’s time, people are switching from TV to Netflix which means they are exposed to no commercials. More and more people move from live radio to Spotify, Pandora and YouTube which leads to a decline of radio ads. While a traditional static ad can convey your message, the reach is not so widespread as mobile billboards.

Mobile billboards in Orlando offer you a cost-effective way to reach out to your target audience with ease. As the trucks display your ad and keep moving all the time, your brand message spreads to a wide range of audiences in high-traffic areas. Billboard trucks are equipped with bright, colorful LED lights and sound systems to make sure your advertising message doesn’t go unnoticed.

How Much Is A Billboard In Orlando? UPDATED 2020

Mobile billboards allow businesses to reach a large number of people across Orlando at an affordable price. Many advertising companies rent billboards in the city. Some of them may offer their rentals at low prices while others can cost more depending on the features and results. However, mobile billboards are one of the most cost-effective advertising methods in Orlando as they improve your reach by up to 300 percent as compared to traditional marketing.

Billboards set you apart from the competition by giving you the right exposure in high-traffic areas at different times of the day. They deliver a great value for money because your brand message is sure to get noticed by a large number of people when displayed in life-size on the sides of moving trucks. The cost of renting a billboard in Orlando depends on several factors including the targeted locations, timings and size. However, with so many options available in Orlando, it is easy to find a billboard that suits your budget and preferences.

Mobile Billboards in Orlando can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to thousands per week of rental. The average cost of $700 per billboard lets you reach up to 250,500 people across the city. You get more than 500,000 impressions per week which means your cost per thousand viewers is just around $2. The actual price depends on the size of the truck, locations covered and the schedule. Most service providers let you choose these parameters to suit the marketing budget.

Mobile Marketing In Orlando – What You Should Know?

Located in Central Florida, Orlando is popularly known as the Theme Park Capital in the world and is a tourism goldmine offering lots of opportunities for effective out-of-home advertising. Ranked as the fourth most popular city in the United States, Orlando provides the perfect backdrop for brand promotion. Mobile marketing media effectively cover high-density regions and popular attractions across the city to promote products and services among targeted audiences.

While traditional outdoor marketing can play a big role in ad campaigns, it often lacks the power to offer you the coverage you expect. With mobile marketing, you can target the right audience in Orlando anywhere, anytime. Mobile billboards can promote openings, events, product launches and others around trade shows, conventions, sports events and special events taking place in the city.

Out of home media advertising and LED billboards are one of the proven methods to deliver brand messages with high impact. Businesses can leverage billboard advertising to reach their target audience across the locations in Orlando. This type of marketing is affordable and cost-effective as it delivers a high number of impressions through mobile truck billboards. It is an excellent method that enhances the effects of other digital marketing efforts including SEO, social media and more.

Florida LED Lights Laws

Advertisers should be aware of the regulations governing the use of advertising vehicles. If you use LED lights to display advertisements on a vehicle meant for advertising, there is no ordinance that prevents you from doing so. However, Florida laws limit the LED light colors that you can use on vehicles. Some of the banned light colors are designated for certain service vehicles while others are prohibited for traffic safety reasons.

Red and blue lights have been used for emergency vehicles like police cars, ambulances and fire trucks and the law bans the use of these lights in some cases. Red lights should not be visible from the front and blue lights are not allowed on the vehicles at all. Vehicles using these LED lights can be fined. Professional mobile billboards services are well aware of laws governing the use of lights on vehicles for billboard display. This means advertisers need not worry about violating any laws when using this mode of marketing for their brand, business or event.

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