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How to Find the Best OOH Locations for Your Campaign

From colossal billboards commanding attention in the heart of bustling cities to mobile truck-side ads syncing their color options with the CN Tower, marketers can be creative with OOH advertising.

But the key to a successful campaign is location. Learn how OOH can be used to reach local audiences as they ride public transit, shop, and navigate their communities.

How does OOH Advertising work?

OOH advertising works by grabbing attention and influencing behavior. It can encourage consumers to visit a website or call a phone number, as well as drive them to a store location. It can also help brands build their brand recognition and loyalty through memorable messaging. The key to effective OOH advertising is to create a compelling story that resonates with consumers.

The ideal OOH ad location depends on the target audience, demographics, and psychographics. For example, a billboard advertising a family-friendly activity center near an amusement park is more likely to appeal to families than one located in a shopping mall. Likewise, a message promoting suicide prevention will be more impactful when displayed in a city's public space than in a private business environment.

Choosing the right OOH locations isn’t a simple task. It requires a multifaceted strategy that includes understanding your target market, conducting competitive analysis, and staying abreast of emerging trends.

Incorporating local elements into OOH advertising campaigns is a great way to connect with your target audience and enhance the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Using local landmarks and traditions in your ad creative will create a sense of familiarity for your viewers and allow them to relate to your message. It’s also important to consider seasonal and event-based marketing in your OOH campaigns, as this can help you connect with your audience at the most relevant times of the year.

How To Choose The Best OOH Locations For Your Ads

Incorporating OOH into your marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience on their journey through town. Marketers can choose from a variety of formats including bus ads, billboards (static or digital), transit advertising, and street furniture. Using a combination of formats can maximize the number of impressions that your campaign generates, helping to improve its effectiveness.

OOH isn’t like TV or online ads, which are often skippable. It’s big, bold, and in your face, so it is a great way to catch people’s attention and draw them in. In addition, OOH ads can be used to drive traffic to a business’s website or physical store.

Choosing the right location for your OOH campaign is crucial to its success. Taking into account demographic data and points of interest can help marketers determine which locations are the best fit for their ad. For example, Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ mural in Shoreditch was chosen because it is a hotspot for young, trendy, affluent people – exactly the target audience for their campaign.

Using local landmarks, traditions, and language in your ad creative can also make your campaign more effective. This can help to create a sense of community and demonstrate that your brand is part of the local fabric. Tesco’s 'Together this Ramadan' campaign is an excellent example of this.

DOOH Advertising benefits

There are several benefits to doing OOH advertising, from increased brand visibility to enhanced ROI. Unlike digital ads, OOH campaigns can be easily tracked and analyzed, which leads to better decision-making and improved campaign performance. This is especially true if the right technology is used. Today’s ad buyers demand robust measurability and assured ROI, which is exactly what OOH advertising can deliver.

Choosing the right locations for your OOH campaign is crucial. It’s not a random process; it requires deep knowledge of your audience and their daily routine. Whether you’re targeting early-morning joggers or busy commuters, you must know their daily habits and where they spend their time. This will help you to create an effective advertising message and choose the best OOH locations for your campaigns.

OOH is an effective way to reach a large audience because it can’t be skipped, blocked, or ignored. Its physical format allows for more creative messaging that is eye-catching and memorable. Additionally, it can reach a wide range of consumers within a single market. As a result, it can be a great option for businesses seeking to grow in a new market. For example, a real estate developer might invest in outdoor advertising in an upmarket area where their target demographic lives. Incorporating local culture and trends into your ad strategy can also make it more relatable to the local population, which can boost its impact.

Cost of Out Of Home Advertising

Typically, larger markets and premium locations command higher asking prices for OOH ads. However, knowing your market and its nuances can help you identify opportunities to find the best OOH locations for your campaign at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional billboards, also known as Bulletins, are large format static outdoor unit that offers high visibility and a long lifespan. They can be a great addition to your overall OOH strategy, especially when targeting specific neighborhoods.

Street furniture, such as bench displays and bus station billboards, provide a more dimensional approach to OOH advertising. They can offer a variety of creative options for brand messages and are a great way to meet audiences as they commute, shop, or scroll social media.

Rail and subway advertisements can be an effective part of your overall OOH strategy, as they are visible to both commuters and people who wait on the platform for their train to arrive. Commuter ads can be in the form of car cards, station platform posters, or digital units.

Denver, nicknamed “The Mile High City” for its elevation of one mile above sea level, has a young and growing population with a thriving local economy and a low cost of living. It is an excellent location for testing out a new OOH advertising strategy, with affordable CPMs and plenty of opportunity to reach your audience on the go.


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