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Chicago Bulletin Advertising | UPDATED 2022 | Chicago Outdoor Media

As one of the top trading and financial hubs in the United States, Chicago is an important cultural and economic center in the country. It is also home to more than 200 colleges and universities and a large number of educated residents. With a well-employed population, Chicago drives one of the most powerful economies in the U.S. and has a strong buying potential across categories of products and services.

Reports suggest that more than 55 million people travel to Chicago every year. It also has over 7000 theatres, museums and entertainment options and much more for residents and travelers to enjoy. Outdoor advertising is known to reach 98 percent of consumers every week in such a space. We offer state-of-the-art outdoor media services and bulletin advertising options to businesses looking to benefit from this potential in Chicago.

Chicago Outdoor Media – An Overview

Chicago is one of the top markets for outdoor media marketing. It has been around for centuries and doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Businesses use a variety of media formats to reach audiences through out-of-home advertising. Some of the most traditional outdoor mainstays include billboards, bulletins, posters and wall advertising. We support all these forms of outdoor advertising to add value to your marketing plans.

Outdoor media can be targeted based on demographic, market and neighborhood so that brands can pinpoint those they want to reach. We provide static billboards placed strategically with clear visibility on major travel routes, highways and tollways to reach a large number of people every day. We also support digital billboards that work on wireless phone technology and allow real-time updates and dynamic potential that static billboards miss.

Chicago Bulletin Advertising

Offering a highly powerful impact as an outdoor advertising method, bulletins can be a great way to showcase your brand. Present on prime locations, intersecting points and integral spots across the area, bulletins spread your message with extensive visibility and long-term impact on passers-by. We have years of experience helping clients create, execute and measure successful bulletin advertising campaigns in Chicago.

We help our clients with everything from planning the advertising campaign and design to the proper execution and performance measurement to ensure ROI from their efforts. Our team works with you to understand and identify your target audience so that you can select the perfect ad space for bulletins. We also assist in creating a high-quality design and printing and take care of the installation of the banners.

To help brands make sure their investment gives lucrative returns, we consider the performance measurement of the advertising campaign. We employ different methods to keep an eye on the bulletin performance and provide key insights into the advertising efforts. We customize our bulletin advertising services to suit the audience demographics and marketing goals.

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