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The biggest city in Washington and in the north-western part of the United States, Seattle is one of the fastest booming cities. It is famous for its modern technology, coffee, music and business atmosphere. With so much to offer to residents and visitors, Seattle is a great place for outdoor advertising.

Let our mobile billboard truck advertising help you deliver the message to the right audience. Our state-of-the-art technology and tools equip our trucks to make your advertising efforts impactful by drawing the most attention on the roads in Seattle. Find competitive rates and customizable features to create a powerful advertising campaign that guarantees success!

Seattle Mobile Billboards – A Complete Guide

According to study reports, mobile billboards deliver amazing visibility and effectiveness for a business. Outdoor mobile advertising is one of the most efficient and influential forms of marketing. When it comes to promoting products, services, events and launches in Seattle, digital LED billboards and mobile billboard trucks are a cost-effective way with a higher rate of recall as compared to other modes of promotion.

Trucks carrying ads in high-traffic locations, both pedestrian and vehicle, increase the visibility and awareness to boost traffic and sale for small businesses as well as organizations looking for growth. Our digital LED billboard trucks are sure to create an impact for your product, service, event or tradeshow and improve the chances of your success.

Imagine the impact your advertisement creates on viewers when it is displayed on a mobile billboard truck that moves around the town. It will not only cover a wider area than a static ad but also draw more attention because it passes in a short time.

You get a chance to reach customers that other modes of advertisement cannot reach. Our full-size billboard trucks can travel around Seattle and other areas to take your ad campaign to the people you want to advertise to. The perfect way to promote an event, product or service!

We have been operating in the Seattle area and serving businesses and organizations promote through this effective platform. We meet all the standards and regulations set by the law to use vehicles for advertisements.

Our lighting and sound systems fulfil the criteria for use without violating any laws. So, our customers need not be concerned about regulations when using our service for their advertisement.

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Billboard Truck Advertising In Seattle

We are exclusively a mobile billboard advertising company operating in Seattle and nearby areas. Our trucks are extremely effective for corporate promotions, recruitment ads and political advertising campaigns. We help you advertise at tradeshows, sports events, openings, conventions and other events.

Billboard truck advertising is highly cost-effective because it creates a lasting impression on the minds of the target audience. Your brand message cannot be ignored when it appears in an appealing way on life-sized displays on a moving vehicle. These trucks take your ads to the potential customers on roads, streets and highways and get the brand or organization noticed. People don’t see such forms of advertisements on a regular basis, so they are more effective at improving the visibility and awareness.

We offer billboard truck advertising that is both flexible and versatile. We cover a wide range of advertisers in Seattle from businesses and politics to events, tradeshows, product launches and sales. We let you customize the campaign to cover the locations and audiences you are interested in. We possess the expertise and experience needed to make an eye-catching billboard or truck ad that gives you the best results.

Seattle Billboard Cost

Out of home advertising in Seattle is quite cost-effective and affordable. Though you can find services ranging from a few hundred dollars to up to thousands, the returns you can expect from the promotion make up for the cost. There are many high-quality billboard truck services available in and around Seattle with competitive rates to help you make the most out of this form of advertising for your business.

The average cost of mobile billboard in Seattle ranges from $2000 to $10,000 and varies depending on your promotional campaign. An average cost of $7000 for a billboard allows the business to reach more than 6 lakh people in a day. The price for your billboard can vary on the basis of how long the branding lasts and what locations you are targeting.

The type of billboard and truck you choose also affect the pricing. LED lights and sound systems add to the cost though they enhance the effectiveness of your advertising. Most professional billboards in Seattle offer reasonable prices and flexibility to allow you to execute rewarding billboard advertising campaign for your target audience.

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