We are a Miami based Out Of Home advertising vendor that is passionate about revolutionizing the ways in which companies advertise their brand or product on Out Of Home. We are proud to be the providers of the largest network with over 40 LED billboard trucks nationwide.

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Political campaign

During an election year, Mobile Out-of-Home Advertising can be part of a winning strategy come November. With LED Truck Media’s mobile advertising solution, you can target your constituents and voters  with a smart campaign while collecting unique valuable data  on the market; and engage your target audience with retargeting ads in social media.


Power of Experiential Marketing during a Political campaign

With LED Truck Media, your political campaign can venture into the world of experiential, or engagement marketing, where the consumer experience is participatory, up-close-and-personal.

Imagine a campaign event where voters interact with the campaign with a blend of sound, visual and personal interactions.

Some of the cutting-edge possibilities with LED Truck Media include:

Convention, Rally, Live Streaming – Imagine a campaign rally where the audience can see themselves from an aerial view in real-time. Add social streaming to the mix and you have a fully immersible experiential campaign event.

SMS Polls - Imagine a campaign event where younger voters interact with the campaign via text message, answering poll questions and stating their election year priorities. Those SMS communications serve a two-fold purpose: establishing a dynamic two-way communication and collecting valuable information from potential voters.

Glass Walled Truck – LED Truck Media’s Glass Walled Truck can be transformed into a mobile campaign office, complete with campaign-themed vinyl wrapping. You can bring your campaign office to the people.

Eco-Bike Advertising – For more intimate, in-the-neighborhood events, our Digital Mobile Billboard Eco-Bikes put your campaign message into a crowd like no other medium. The Digital Mobile Bikes are eco-friendly and allow for audience and customer interaction at the person-to-person level. Riders can become brand ambassadors for your campaign, passing out flyers, wearing your campaign brand, and delivering your messaging to a targeted audience.

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