Digital Billboards Houston | UPDATED 2020 | A Complete Guide

digital billboards houston

Nicknamed as the Space City after the NASA origins, Houston is the most populated city of Texas, home to about 7 million people. It is a highly diverse location with families and singles due to its strong economy and affordability. More than 22 million people visit Houston annually attracted by its culinary scene, greenery and thriving museum and theatre sites.

In this guide, we try to understand what makes Houston a great location for outdoor advertising. We also talk about the digital billboards market in Houston and the cost of using billboards for effective marketing.

Digital Billboards In Houston – A Complete Guide

The economy of Houston is dominated by manufacturing, energy, bioscience and international trade. Almost every big chemical company has a plant in Houston with over 400 chemical plants with more than 40,000 people. It also has the Johnson Space Center of NASA and employs about 17,000 scientists, engineers and other personnel.

Some of the biggest attractions of Houston include the Galleria, the Downtown Aquarium, Old Market Square and such a large number of parks, attracting visitors from across the world. The Bayou City comprises 14 major educational institutes and is the biggest concentration of healthcare in the country.

With more than 500 miles of freeways and expressways and the interstates, Houston residents and visitors find it easy to move about and travel to their destination. METRO operates over 1200 buses to keep the traffic moving in rush hours. The Metro Rail provides easy access to some of the major locations of the city.

Over 192,750 businesses are located in Houston and motorists spend 26 minutes on average driving to work every day. Houston is a commuter-driven metropolis famous for its extensive highway structure and marked by diversity and opportunity, making it a top place to live and visit.

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How Much Does A Billboard Cost In Houston?

There are several companies offering competitively priced billboard services in Houston to businesses, non-profits and agencies. The exact cost of billboard advertising depends on the impressions, location and audience demographics. For example, placing a billboard on the interstate highway may cost the same as positioning one in the Museum District. However, if the billboard is placed in Hedwig Village, the cost will be quite less as rural audiences will not be able to view it.

The prices of billboard advertising generally vary depending on the placement of the billboard and traffic volumes targeted. If you are looking to rent a billboard, the cost will depend on the size of the display. The average price of renting a digital billboard in the metro area can be $2000 to $8000 per month with small billboards costing $300 to $800 per month.

Bulletins can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to $5000 per month. Posters or medium-sized billboards can cost up to $300 for monthly rentals. Billboard advertising is, however, more affordable and cost-effective as compared to other traditional forms of marketing like television and radio, prints and others.

Houston Billboard Advertising – What You Should Know?

Though this form of out-of-home advertising is largely popular and rewarding in Houston, the number of billboards in the city has dropped from 15,000 to less than 1500 in recent years. The Highway Beautification Act, in an attempt to protect the landscape and clean up views, controls the number of billboards in Texas. There has been a conflict among advertisers and activities about billboards on Houston highways and freeways.

However, as the outdoor advertising industry has grown to over $10 billion, there have been efforts to keep the billboards growing in Houston. A proposed change in the rule allows billboards to be up to 85 feet in height. The media format has been considered to be a cost-effective platform for businesses to reach more consumers which boosting the economy. Though operating under strict control, Houston continues using out-of-home methods for advertising.

Billboards are one of the most prevailing channels for outdoor advertising. The hindrances like the Highway Beautification Act could not stop Houston from displaying ads on populous roads. The majority of advertising in this city is placed on subways and bus shelters. The youth is the primary demographic for these advertisements, creating thousands of impressions every day for brands.

Digital & Rolling Billboards in Houston

Digital execution allows adding an extra layer of relevance and timeliness to your advertising campaign. Businesses can leverage the power of the biggest online digital billboard network and use outdoor advertising to promote their brand, target audiences and increase sales. This type of out-of-home advertising is affordable and enhances the effects of other digital marketing efforts like social media, SEO and the internet.

Digital LED billboards offer a proven and cost-effective medium for a high impact and brand message. Digital billboards are a flexible format and allow changing the creative message based on triggers like traffic, time of the day and more. Bulletins are impactful media formats for outdoor advertising. As they are located on major roads and intersections, they attract the attention of crowds of pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

These billboards offer high visibility not only due to their large size but also for their customizability through lights and extensions. They are a great way to promote products and services, events and launches. Rolling billboards are ideal for short-term ads and promotions. Shorter display time means reduced fatigue and better impact. These displays often promote social media posts and work hand-in-hand with other digital marketing strategies to benefit brands looking to expand their reach in Houston.

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